Dab Kit Silicone
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dab kit silicone

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Description :dab kit silicone


Colors and Print : Assorted colors and designs , mixed in any order over 2 pcs

Quality : Food grade silicone material

Attachments : titanium tip 

Shipping And Delivery System :

We Stock Up Over 50000 Pcs  In Over 100 Different  Items At Any Period Of Time , As You Order We Will First Look Into The Inventory At Our Denver Colorado Location And If Its Not Available There We Can Always Ship It Directly To You By Fedex From Our Production Unit In India or our partner producers in china   Either Way The Delivery Time Period Remains 5 TO  7 Working Days After The Order Is Processed And Paid


OEM And ODM: Minimum 100 Pcs

We Believe In The Brand Value And The Affection On Ones Brand Therefore We Offer OEM Services So That The Interested Parties Can Either Send Us Their Decals Or We Make Bake On  Decals For Them To Stick On Their Ordered Pcs , We Can Also Engrave /Sand Blast The Brand Required

We Assure Your Brand Will Not Be Exposed Anywhere By Us Under Andy Circumstances And We Will Maintain All Secrets For A Long Term Relation

Message To Distributors:

We Thrive For A Better And Honest Service To All Our Customers And We Can Understand Being A Distributor Has Way More Expenses Then Anyone Can Imagine So For A Distributor Level Prices Please Do Contact Us By Email And We Will Get Back as soon as we can